Who Falls in the Coverage Gap?


In 2014, thousands of uninsured Idahoans automatically became eligible for assistance to help them purchase coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange. This is keeping these middle-income families healthier and more financially secure.

However, thousands of Idahoans have been left out because they earn too little to qualify and can’t get covered through their jobs. Idaho has not yet taken action to make coverage available for this group of hardworking Idahoans who fall into the ‘coverage gap.’

A smart health care policy would fill this gap. The good news is that states have flexibility to come up with their own way of covering this gap, whether through new private options or existing programs, like Medicaid. Idaho has the opportunity to design its own plan—a plan that will work for Idaho. 

See a Story of two Idaho families that illustrates the coverage gap.

We Can Insure All Idahoans

Labor Day 01 who falls in the gap infographic

Thousands of Idahoans have signed up for affordable health coverage, which is giving them security and peace of mind, while keeping them healthier.

Unfortunately, 5% of our state – around 78,000 Idahoans – were left out because they fall into the coverage gap.  These hardworking Idahoans earn too little to qualify for premium assistance and too much for traditional Medicaid.

Close the Gap Fact Sheet