A Stay-Home Mom Falls Into the Gap

Jennifer felt like she had done things the right way. She made her family a priority, and spent many years raising children as a stay-home mom. But she found it impossible to find full-time work once her kids were grown and a divorce left her in need of employment. So she had to settle for part-time jobs without benefits.

In order to better support herself, Jennifer has returned to school. While she is working to make herself more employable, she only has health insurance during semesters when she attends full-time, something other commitments don’t always allow her to do. This past semester she found herself having to go without prescription medication because she couldn’t afford it.

As a student, Jennifer makes too little to qualify for subsidized insurance under the Health Care exchange. She says that she is doing her best to finish a degree and get a full-time job, but that she needs a little help.